How to create a WordPress gallery based on images uploaded to Cloudinary?

In order to add images from Cloudinary to your WP Gallery you should follow these steps:

  • Go to one of your post's 'Edit' page.
  • If you haven't done it already, choose the required Cloudinary images (add any further transformations if required), and click on their "Add to post gallery" button. This will add these images (or their transformed versions) in your WordPress's Media library.
  • Click on WordPress's "Add Media" button
  • Click on "Create gallery" on the upper-left side
  • Select the required images and click on "Create a new gallery"
  • You'll be directed to the "Edit Gallery" page where you can set the order of the image and other additional settings, then click on "Insert gallery"
  • You'll then be redirected to your post's 'Edit' page. After updating the page, you'll be able to see the gallery in you live page.

There are several 3rd party gallery plugins that were recommended to us by our customers:

In addition, any other gallery plug-in which supports importing images either from your WordPress Media library or from remote URLs should be able to successfully deliver Cloudinary images.


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  • Avatar
    Kris Rotsaert

    If I understand correctly, this puts the (manipulated/optimised) images for a photo gallery back on the wordpress server in the media library, which completely bypasses the cloudinary advantages of using externaly hosted images and distributed servers...

  • Avatar
    Nadav Ofir

    Not at all. These images will still be delivered using Cloudinary and via our CDN, including all its benefits.

    If you notice anything different please feel free to share more information here or via a support ticket.

  • Avatar

    Is it possible to add more than one image at once? Or I have to add one by one?
    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Felipe Aramuni

    In the process te images have to be added one by one in Gallery using "Add to post gallery" option?

    (sorry for bad english)

  • Avatar
    Nadav Ofir

    Hi Felipe and Shariat,

    Indeed, at the moment, this functionality only allows selecting images from Cloudinary one-by-one .

  • Avatar

    Thank you Nadav Ofir!
    I've found a method, that is much more comfortable for me. Hope, it would be useful for you and others,
    1. Upload all images, using Wordoress media library.
    2. In Media Library Cloundary has its own column, where we can upload to the cloud every image, we need, clicking one after another without page reloading.
    3. All uploaded and sent to Cloundary images will appear, when we click Add media on the edit-page.
    That's all. This takes less time and operations.

  • Avatar
    Rene Kaul

    Hi Nadav.

    Will there be a bulk function "add to post gallery" in the future? The solution from Shariat is good but it ignores the complete folder structure in Cloudinary which is not really a help in our image organization.

  • Avatar
    Nadav Ofir

    Hi Rene,
    This capability is on our roadmap to add, and while I don't have an ETA to share, we will make sure to update here once it becomes available.

  • Avatar
    James Johnson

    Enjoyed Shariat's tip which works nicely in lieu of the ability to do bulk uploading. Unfortunately it seems that approach strips some of the photo's meta data. Specifically it stripped out photo captions when I tried it. Is there a setting I'm missing or work-around to prevent this?

  • Avatar
    Ido Bar-Noam

    Hi James,
    this is a known issue that is open with our dev team.
    I would be happy to let you know once this issue is resolved

  • Avatar
    Katrina Haney

    OMG! TY! This is the answer I've been searching for for two days!! It should be explained in the docs pleas. As for Shariat's tip, yes it works nicer. However, it does not delete all the images that resulted on the underlying server, which is the reason I need a cloud service int he first place. Love this service. Just wish the docs, as absolutely generous as they are, were more user friendly to us code-challenged people. I find way more answers here than I do in the docs. This shouldn't be. But again, thank you for this answer, though it does seem a bit of an awkward way to do it, at least it gets the job done.

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