How do I browse through all the resources in my account using the API?

The API methods for resources-listing are limited in terms of the number of results which can be retrieved in a single call.

When the number of resources that match the criteria is greater than the max_result value (10 resources by default), the results are divided into a number of pages, and only the first page of results is returned together with a next_cursor value which points to the next page of results.

Below is an example of how to use the Pagination capabilities (Rails):

res = Cloudinary::Api.resources(:max_results => 500, type:"fetch")
while res.has_key?("next_cursor") do res = Cloudinary::Api.resources(:max_results => 500,
type:"fetch", :next_cursor => res["next_cursor"])
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    Debra Ornelas

    I don't understand what it is I need to get my phone with the right files and URL's it needs can you help me?

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    Roee Ben-Ari

    Hi Debra, please contact us via a support ticket with more information regarding your use-case.

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