How can I increase the timeout when uploading to Cloudinary?

You can add the timeout parameter to your upload call to override the maximum amount of time to wait for a response from Cloudinary before the connection is terminated.

For example:


Cloudinary::Uploader.upload('my_image.jpg', timeout:60)


\Cloudinary.Uploader::upload('my_image.jpg', array("timeout" => 60));


uploader upload:@"my_image.jpg"options:@{@"timeout": @"60"}]

.NET (global variable):

m_cloudinary.Api.Timeout = 60000;


uploader.upload("my_image.jpg", timeout=0.001)


Node.js (v2):

cloudinary.v2.uploader.upload('my_image.jpg', {timeout:60000}, function(error,result){});
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    Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging


    How set this limit in .NET?


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    Nadav Ofir

    Changing the timeout on our .NET libraries is still not supported. Default value is 100000 milliseconds (=100 seconds).
    As the libraries currently use the WebRequest class for HTTP client, you can dive into the code to implement this on your own. We will update here once it becomes officially supported.

    UPDATE: customizing timeout within our .NET libraries is now supported as well.

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    Navjeet Sandhu

    Hey nadav, the node.js update that you just added has an error in syntax. The {timeout:60000} is supposed to come after the callback function

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    Nadav Ofir

    Hi Navjeet, this syntax relates to the .v2 syntax, e.g.:
    var cloudinary = require('cloudinary').v2;

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