How to transform a portrait image to landscape by adding blurry padding

Cloudinary supports changing the aspect-ratio of an image using different cropping methods, including padding with a uniform color of your choice. For example (preserving the original height):,ar_3:2,c_pad,b_rgb:6A854E/butterfly.jpg

Some people may prefer to have a softer background which will correspond to the colors of the original image but won't attract attention. In this case you can use the following approach (preserving the original height):,h_1.0,ar_3:2,c_scale,e_blur:1000,o_70/butterfly.jpg

The same effect can be achieved for transforming a landscape image to a 1:1 frame by preserving the original width and adjusting the aspect-ratio, for example:,w_1.0,ar_1,c_scale,e_blur:1000,o_70/face_left.jpg


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