My account's usage-reports show a relatively high Transformations rate




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    Ido Miran

    Ref. repeat uploads: even if the source of the issue might be buggy code on the application side, still it would be nice to be able to get from Cloudinary some warning/notification email when a certain pre-configured threshold is crossed.

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    Nadav Ofir

    Hi Ido,

    We are working to enable an automated error rate alert mechanism which should cover this use-case as well. ETA should be around the end of 2016.

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    Ido Miran

    great, thanx

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    I am making two uploads through direct API call. One is with a transformation, the other is not.
    From what I understand, the increase in transformation counter is 3 (1 for initial first upload, 1 for a "c_crop,g_xy_center,h_0.916411682892907,w_0.7346358792184725,x_0.48480461811722914,y_0.5852364394993046" transformation, and 1 for the second upload with no transformation.
    But the increase in counter is 4...

    Here are the POST arguments for the 1st upload:
    {file=..., folder=MyFolder, api_key=...., signature=...., transformation=c_crop,g_xy_center,h_0.9179415855354659,w_0.4591474245115453,x_0.5212166962699822,y_0.581759388038943, overwrite=false,overwrite=false, public_id=...., timestamp=....}

    It does indeed count as 2 transformations.

    Here are the POST arguments for the 2nd upload:
    {file=...., folder=MyFolder, api_key=...., signature=...., overwrite=false, public_id=...., timestamp=....}

    And it STILL count as 2 transformations.

    I am applying transformation on upload to avoid doing dynamic ones on calls. But I still do not understand why a simple upload count as 2. It contradicts your good report (I still learnt the first upload counted as 2. Good to know).

    So why is simple upload count as 2, please ?

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    Maor Gariv


    Is it possible that you viewed the second image in the console which triggered the media_lib_thumb generation?
    The `media_lib_thumb` thumbnails are created when uploading or viewing uploaded images through the media library web interface. When you upload via the upload API, images aren't automatically transformed using this transformation (only when you browse through them via your media library).

    If it's not the case, please open a support ticket with your account details and we'll gladly further investigate the issue.

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    Thanks Maor Gariv,
    Indeed it seems it is the 'media_lib_thumb' that is causing this change. Actually, I did not understand why the number was slowly incrementing within the first five minutes of upload, but this timely mannered changed also fit your hypothesis.
    I have found no way to disable this feature on the 'Dashboard' screen. But I improved my knowledge and was able to use the Admin API/usage (great!).

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