How to add the tiling/repeating watermark effect to your images?

Adding a tiling watermark effect to your images is now easier than ever, using the tiled flag (fl_tiled for URLs).

All you have to do in order to personalize your images is to overlay your watermark and set the tiled flag, for example:,w_0.2,fl_relative.tiled/kitten_fighting.gif

You can further customize the tiled watermark to suit your needs.
Some transformations (e.g. resize and displacement) may require using the layer_apply flag (fl_layer_apply for URLs), as in the following example:,e_brightness:200,o_50,w_0.3,fl_relative.tiled/kitten_fighting.gif

Or with more room between tiles:,w_1.5,c_lpad,e_brightness:200,o_50/w_0.3,fl_relative.layer_apply.tiled/kitten_fighting.gif


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