How to add the tiling/repeating watermark effect to your images?




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    Sebastian Arias

    It would be awesome if you add some pieces of code for node, python etc...

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    Yakir Perlin

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Please see how to create this transformation with Python:

    CloudinaryImage("kitten_fighting.gif").image(effect="brightness:200", flags=["relative", "tiled"], overlay="cloudinary_icon", opacity=50, width=0.3, crop="scale")

    And Node.js:

    cloudinary.image("kitten_fighting.gif", {effect: "brightness:200", flags: ["relative", "tiled"], overlay: "cloudinary_icon", opacity: 50, width: "0.3", crop: "scale"})
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    Sebastian Arias

    Thanks for the fast reply Yakir! That piece of code really helped me accomplished what I needed!

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