What can I do when faces are false detected or not properly detected?

Sometimes, for different reasons the automatic face detection algorithm may fail to classify some faces which exist in the image, or falsely claim the existence of a face when it's not really there.

In such occurrences, there are several means which can help you to get more enhanced results:

  1. You can use our interactive tool to manually override the automatically detected coordinates, and correct the result. On the media-library, navigate to the relevant resource page and click the  icon.
    There, under "Face Coordinates" section, you can add & remove marked areas and save the changes so it will take effect the next time you initiate a face detection based transformation.
  2. Another option will be utilizing the Oxford - Advanced Facial Attributes Detection addon which in some cases presents better detection capabilities.
    Note that this involves additional charges based on monthly usage.

Going forward we plan on providing more features as alternatives for such cases.

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