How can I completely prevent the existence of image duplications on my Cloudinary account?

Cloudinary provides several means to help you identifying similar and/or identical images when it's being uploaded to your account.

In this article we'll suggest a good practice to restricting identical duplications on one's account.

For every uploaded image an etag attribute is returned within the upload response, representing the image's MD5 signature which is utterly unique. Naming the uploaded resource based on its etag will ensure that no other identical resources exist on that account (as it would have been overwritten). Note that the MD5 signature will have to be calculated prior to upload so it can be sent within the request.

Finally, one may be concerned regarding URLs SEO grading. We got you covered here as well, using our SEO feature you will never have to worry about your URLs not being SEO-friendly and informative. More information about that feature is available in our Blog.

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