Guidelines for self implementing chunked upload to Cloudinary




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    Han BaHwan

    How can I issue `X-Unique-Upload-Id`?
    What's Content-Range format?
    If I understand correctly, this is below:
    `Content-Range: 0-99999/2000000`
    `Content-Range: 100000-199999/2000000`
    `Content-Range: 200000-299999/2000000`

    And how can I handle errors? It looks exception can happen.

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    Nadav Ofir

    For `X-Unique-Upload-Id` you can use any random/unique string generator, for example Unix timestamp.
    `Content-Range` - must contain a preceding "bytes".
    Error messages (bad responses) may arise in case of upload failure. Handling it depends on your use case and the HTTP client you're using.

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    Nadav Ofir

    Han, I've just noticed that the content-range header directions were missing the necessary "bytes" prefix. This is now fixed in the above explanation.

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    Mohamed Habashy

    Hi Everyone,

    I think there is a additional restriction to the mentioned above by Nadav.

    "First chunk must be first. meaning it must arrive the server before any other chunks."

    Then you can do bulk upload the remaining chunk except the last as mentioned above.

    Kind regards,

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