What are the differences between Auto-Upload and Fetch?


  Auto-Upload Fetch
Retrieved Images Cloudinary provides full management functionalities (like "upload" type). All features available. Managed by user, Cloudinary provides manipulation and delivery only
Transformations Can create multiple versions of the same image using Eager-Transformations, or apply Incoming-Transformation. On-the-fly transformations only
Upload Presets Automatically apply pre-defined actions to apply to uploaded files (upload-preset is named as the mapped folder) N/A
SEO-Friendly URLs Shortened URLs Long (verbose) URLs
Access Permissions to originals Restrict access to originals by utilizing private images N/A
Image Availability Full storage management, backups, revisions Cloudinary provides caching only
Handling Consistency Identical treatment of newly-uploaded and old N/A
Auto Refreshing Requires explicitly deleting/overriding existing resource Automatic refresh policy is available on paid plans

More information on the various features is available here:

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