How to instantly and effortlessly add optimization means to your images on WordPress websites




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    Martin Fisher

    Can you not give an example of how to do this on multiple URLs across a site?


    Very many people simple want to host their images and apply f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto to them. Most of the other options are irrelevant to most people building Wordpress sites. There really should be a way of applying these settings through the plugin as a simple on/off.

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    Shirly Manor

    Hi Martin,

    In order to provide bulk optimizations on your uploaded image, you can add upload preset on your [upload setting page]( with incoming transformations and then choose it as your default upload preset.

    Please note that it will only affect the new uploads. Also note that in an incoming transformation, we can include q_auto but not f_auto or fl_loosy.

    Alternatively, you can add a real-time find and replace plugin and replace the string:<CLOUD NAME>/image/upload/ with the string `<CLOUD NAME>/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/

    We are always working to improve our WordPress plugin and I'll add your requests to our product team.

    If you have further question please do not hesitate to contact us at support.

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    In my opinion this makes the plugin almost useless for regular WP users who are trying to optimize their images. I guess most of us are looking for an easy way to reach q_auto and f_auto...

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    Michael Hammi

    Perhaps a button before I upload 900 images that says: "Which optimizations would you like to apply before uploading?" LOL

    No....that would be silly and too easy! Damn lazy Democrats always want to do stuff the easy way. When I went to school I walked home in ...........!

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    Shirly Manor


    We actually working on a new version that will set the global optimizations in advanced.

    Stay tuned for our updates! 


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