What structure does Cloudinary use to back-up my resources?

When utilizing Cloudinary's automatic-backup feature, you can ask for the backed-up resources to be stored on your own private S3 bucket (available for all paid plans).

While it is a requirement that the backup-partition is only managed by Cloudinary's backup mechanism, sometimes it's important for customers to understand the structure of their data storage.

Below is an example of the general structure of a backed-up content path inside the S3 bucket:


Some additional info and highlights:

  1. For the sake of redundancy the public-ID is used as another folder level, and the version as the actual filename.
  2. It's very important that the backed-up content remains untouched where it was stored by the automatic back-up mechanism. Any change to this storage may break the internal consistency with our databases and result in data corruption.
  3. The aforementioned convention is subject to change at any time and is given for information purposes only.
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