How to restore an overwritten/deleted resource from backup?

Cloudinary provides automatic backup functionality to allow replicating all your uploaded resources on a separate partition for any purpose. When accidentally deleted or overwritten, a backed-up resource is restorable via the UI or API as explained below:

  1. Deleted resource:
    • In the Media Library, navigate to the relevant section (Images/Videos/Files) and in the top-right corner, select the "Deleted and placeholder images" option from the pulldown menu in order to list all the restorable resources (resources that have been backed up).

    • Select the resource that you want to restore.

    • Click on the "View backed up versions" button in the top right corner of the page and choose the desired version to restore, and then click the "restore" link.

  2. Overwritten resource:
    • In the Media Library, locate the resource and select it in order to access the resource page.
    • Click on the "View backed up versions" button, choose the desired version and click the "restore" link.

Once restored, all previously derived versions of an overwritten resource will be automatically deleted and invalidated on the CDN.

The same task can also be performed using the restore() method provided by the Admin-API.

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