How to restore an overwritten/deleted resource from backup?




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    Tom Lehman

    Is there any way to do this using the the new Media Library UI?

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    Louis Chavane

    Deleted accidentally files and i'm unable to restore them with following those step. Dashboard show "-344 last day" for images and videos ressources and there is nothing in "Deleted and placeholder images". Is there a way to list deleted files ? Is there another solution to restore those files ? 

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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi Tom - you can do this using the new Media Library also - to find the file you want to restore, search for the file and use a search filter of type: deleted asset.
    You can also use that filter with no search to see a list of deleted files which can be recovered.

    I've included a current screenshot here:


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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi Louis,

    May I please ask you to contact our support team directly by opening a ticket?

    We may be able to recover your files even if you didn't back them up - please let us know which files you need recovered and how they were deleted - the more recently they were removed, the more likely we can restore them for you.



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