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WordPress Plugin Overview



  • fuller

    Can you please answer a few questions that I have about this wordpress plugin.

    If I install this plugin on one of our sites and use it to upload all of our media and then sync it back to our wordpress site, will my website performance improve?  Will our visitors be able to take advantage of image caching?  Can Cloudinary sync these images to multiple wordpress sites? That would be a great advantage.

    Another question to do with syncing.  If I have an image assigned to a media category on site A, but on site B there is a different media category.. Can Cloudinary keep track of that?


  • Millie Axelrod


    With Cloudinary you can apply various transformations to your images which will optimize them. On top of that, all your content is delivered via a powerful world-wide caching network (CDN) to make sure your end-users get the best experience from their end.

    You can find the various optimization options detailed in the following links:

    Regarding your question about multiple sites, you can indeed use one Cloudinary account for several sites. Please note that in this case the resources won't be separated but rather, will be displayed together on the Media Library. Alternatively, you could open several different accounts, one for each site.

    Regarding categories, can you please further explain what do you mean by a "media category" and the exact use case?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


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