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Adding Cloudinary’s Product Gallery to Your Website



  • Geetee

    thank you for your tuto,
    I have just created a gallery for test with images and one vidéo.
    The last detail I am not able to obtain is the sound of vidéo.
    In gallery the vidéo is noiseless.
    An advice please.
    ps: of course the vidéo speak in my cloudinary library and using cloudinary link.
    Thank you again,

  • Sam Brace

    Thanks Geetee! Can you email your code sample to our Support channels? You can do this at Once we receive it, we can inspect and see why sound isn't being produced for you.

  • JM Gable

    Is there a way to add captions to the images displayed in the gallery? 

    Thanks, JM

  • Sam Brace


    Great question! Our Support team created an example for you that shows how to do this. You can see all of the code here:

    How the sample was created:

    1. We uploaded a few images of random rooms in a house, then added some custom context metadata of which room it is.
    2. We tagged the images with the same tag, so we could retrieve them.
    3. In JS, we used ResourceList to get the JSON and build the mediaAssets to overlay that context value over each image.

    Of course, we can add other context metadata and overlay that too, or use it in another way.


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