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Process for Removing Unused Images Uploaded via Widget



  • Maor Gariv

    Hi Chad,


    I think using the `return_delete_token` can support your use-case. The token enables you to delete the uploaded image within 10 minutes of the upload. So, if your user doesn't want the image, you can simply delete it.

    Please note that it is recommended to save the image's `public_id` and not the whole URL (to allow future manipulations and versioning).

    Your alternative workflow can also be supported. You can implement it using the widget's API methods .


  • Chris Newhouse

    Hi there,

    I am also considering using the JS/jQuery client to allow (maybe unsigned) uploads directly from our webpages, but I would want to protect against wild, rampant uploading and/or automatically have unsigned images that weren't "confirmed" be automatically deleted within a certain period of time.

    I'm wondering if it would make more sense to flip this idea around and have a `return_acknowledge_token`, which must be used within 10 minutes to keep an upload around on Cloudinary. A system whereby a token is passed from Cloudinary after a successful upload must used to "confirm" or "acknowledge" an upload seems more assuring to me than one where my backend may have no idea that a file was uploaded at all. There may have been an error on my site after the upload to Cloudinary, but before my backend became aware of any ID or tokens, or some bad actor could be abusing my account, so I'd possibly end up with lots of "orphaned" files in Cloudinary.

    Any recipe you can think of that works in this manner? I was considering what the OP suggested, Notification URLs, or perhaps using some system involving Manual Moderation...but they're all less ideal than having Cloudinary require a signed acknowledgement from my backend that I'm aware of a file that was uploaded and I'd like to keep it there.

    Thanks for all the great work on Cloudinary!

  • Roee Ben Ari

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. 

    We currently don't support a feature like 'return_acknowledge_token', or equivalent. As you mentioned, you can use both upload notifications and/or a moderation mechanism.

    For Fetched resources, you can set an expiry policy and automatically delete the resources once in a given interval. 

    That being said, I'm forwarding your inquiry to our product team to review, so we might be supporting such behaviour in the future. 



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