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Get original file name metadata?



  • Official comment
    Yakir Perlin

    You can get the original file name value is by reading the original_filename from the upload response

    Another option is the Cloudinary Search API. This method allows you fine control on filtering and retrieving information on all the assets in your account with the help of query expressions in a Lucene-like query language, but this functionality is available only to customers with the Advanced Extra plan or higher.

  • Nimai Malle

    Thanks for the response.  I'd found the first option: get it after an upload.  But, I didn't know about that Search API.  Only available to Advanced Extra?  That's the highest price tier, and I couldn't justify that during a prototype development phase.

    I appreciate the response, though!  Thank you.

  • Olaegbe Samuel

    Hi Yakir, the upload response works fine but what about when I using the list resource API? How do I fetch the original finename then? 

  • Yakir Perlin

    Hi Olaegbe,

    Currently, we are not supporting getting the original file name in the Admin API. 




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