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Displaying Upload Errors



  • Official comment
    Shirly Manor

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of error messages and some of them are customized for example: "File size too large. Got 108573432. Maximum is 104857600."

    One option is to use a third party tool like google translate.

    Please let me know if it answers your question,

  • Niina

    Hmm not really - there must be a summary of potential errors which appear in the strings - eg 'file size', 'stale request'....

  • Shirly Manor

    Hi Niina,

    Some popular messages can be:

    Missing required parameter - <parameter>
    Invalid api_key <api_key>
    Invalid cloud_name <cloud_name>
    Invalid Signature <signature>. String to sign - '<to_sign_string>'.
    Stale request - reported time is <time> which is more than 1 hour ago


    However, please note that we have more messages and we don't have them all in one place that we can easily share.


  • Niina

    THank you - most of those common errors would affect me uploading at any point, so once it is working can be ignored

    At the moment, I am just looking for 'stale request' and 'file size' as ones to report back to users of the site (and a general warning to try again for anything else!)

  • Shirly Manor

    Thank you for the update!

    The file size error will be `File size too large. Got <File size>. Maximum is <Max file size>.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.


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