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    Maor Gariv

    Hi Luiz,


    There are several options to get the latest image. An immediate way is to use image versions (the latest version is returned as part of the upload response). Image versions serve as a cache busting tool and make sure the new images are being pulled.


    Alternatively, you can use the `invalidate` parameter whenever updating an image to purge all existing derived images from the CDN. For more info,


    Hope it helps!



  • Luiz

    Hi Maor,

    I'm using invalidate in my .NET integration Code but still some thumbnail images are not refreshed with new images. 

    Below is my code for invalidating & deleting image in cloudinary from .NET

    var delParams = new DelResParams()
    PublicIds = new List<string>() { ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[delreq.Application].ToString() + delreq.UnitID },
    Invalidate = true
    var delresult = cloudinary.DeleteResources(delParams);


    Link example: (thumbnail not refreshed) (thumbnail refreshed with versioned URL)

  • Maor Gariv

    Hi Luiz,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Please use the Destroy API to delete and invalidate images. This API is rate unlimited (unlike the Admin API) and is far more performant (can support high concurrency).


    Give it a try and let me know how it goes?





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