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400 Bad Request when requesting large images



  • Roee Ben Ari

    Hi Erik, 

    In general, there is a total of MP (megapixels) limit, which likely to be the reason your URL fails to process. 

    In order to understand your specific issue, could you please share your cloud name as well? If you want to keep this data private, please feel free to open a support ticket and we'll continue from there.

  • Erik Sharp

    Sure, my cloudinary name is alonganotherpath.

    I can definitely understand the need for a MP limit, but it would seem logical that when a request is made that is either:

    1. Bigger than a MP limit


    2. Bigger than the source image

    ...that the server would just send the size of the original image as a maximum.

  • Roee Ben Ari

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing your cloud-name and for the feedback. 

    The error you received is as follows:

    ImageTooLarge: Maximum image size is 25 Megapixels. Requested 35.71 Megapixels

    The reason we're not sending a fallback size is that the client usually expects a specific size to return and returning a different one might mess things up. Errors, on the other hand, can be handled and monitored. 

    That said, I'll share your insights internally for further review. 



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