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not getting the url or secureUrl in the response from the cloudinary


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  • Wissam Khalili

    Hi Ankit,

    Here are a few things you could check:

    Ensure that the is correctly providing a stream of data. You might want to log the stream data to see if it's correctly formed.

    The upload_stream function is asynchronous, so it's recommended to wrap it in a promise. Make sure you're correctly handling the promise and any potential errors.

    Check the result object returned by the upload_stream function. The secure_url should be a property of this object. If it's not present, there might be an issue with the upload itself.

    Make sure that your Cloudinary setup (like cloud_name, api_key, and api_secret) is correctly configured.

    You can find some code examples here:

    Here is another example :

    // Stream upload
    var upload_stream = cloudinary.uploader.upload_stream({ tags: 'basic_sample' }, function (err, image) {
      console.log("** Stream Upload");
      if (err) { console.warn(err); }
      console.log("* Same image, uploaded via stream");
      console.log("* " + image.public_id);
      console.log("* " + image.url);
      waitForAllUploads("pizza3", err, image);

    I hope you find it useful.





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