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Do you have any plans to support the webp format?




  • Orly Bogler

    Thanks for your question, this is in our road-map for the near future.

    We will keep you updated. 

  • Itay Taragano


    Cloudinary now supports WebP format images. You can create these files with Cloudinary's same simple APIs and dynamic URLs. Here are some examples:

    You can convert any image to WebP by setting the file extension to  .webp  or by providing  :format => :webp  in client libraries.

    Here's a sample image:

    The JPG version is 118KB

    The WebP version is just a third (42.5KB) the size of the jpg above (using our default webp quality of 90)::

    A WebP version with quality of 30 is just 24.3KB (20.5%).

    For creating a lossless Webp image (a different format), set quality to 100. Notice that this is not recommend for photos, but as an alternative for PNG where applicable - icons, logos, etc. (this is a lossless format so quite large otherwise):

    Note that WebP works only in some browsers (mainly Chrome).

  • Pratheesh PM

    Hi, Can anyone please confirm that adding fl_progressive flag for the .webp images work? Finding it hard to make out the progressive nature for testing.


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