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Subdomain and ssl certificate


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  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Maxim.

    When using our client libraries (e.g., Ruby, jQuery, etc.), a1-a5 are automatically added to generated URL when  cdn_subdomain  is enabled (based on  CRC32 of the image ID).

    The client libraries currently do not automatically build multiple subdomains for HTTPS (SSL) URLs but only for plain HTTP. It is in our road-map though.

    If you manually build your URLs for HTTPS, you can use multiple subdomains by using a different convention of  res-1  to  res-5  (a different conversion is required instead of a1-a5 to support Akamai CDN HTTPS delivery). It is undocumented yet, but you can try it out. Make sure to build consistent sub-domain mapping based on the image identifier (e.g., using CRC32).

    For example:


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