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Cloudinary jQuery plugin - upload from URL



  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Ivan,

    Can you please post the relevant part of the html + js? If you can, a link to an online page would be even more helpful.

    You can o pen a support ticket if you want to communicate privately.

  • Ivan Ribakov

    For the record, problem was caused by delaying the upload process. I have overridden default fileupload 'add' event handler and called submit() method on the upload data manually. However cloudinary_upload_url() function relies on default behaviour.

    The following solution was proposed - take cloudinary_upload_url() code from source (

    $.fn.cloudinary_upload_url = function(remote_url) {

        this.fileupload('option', 'formData').file = remote_url;

        this.fileupload('add', { files: [ remote_url ] });

        delete(this.fileupload('option', 'formData').file);


    and manually submit form data BEFORE delete() call like this:


    $('#clodinaryUpload').fileupload('option', 'formData').file = sourceURL;

    $('#clodinaryUpload').fileupload('add', { files: [ sourceURL ] });


    delete($('#clodinaryUpload').fileupload('option', 'formData').file);

    In above example I use global variable uploadData for storing form data that is passed to fileupload 'add' handler.


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