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Using aspose add on



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    JeongWoo Park

    To further clarify, right now I have two image uploaders like this:

    <%= f.cl_image_upload(:attachment, allowed_formats:["jpg", "jpeg", "pdf", "png", "doc", "docx"], :resource_type => 'auto') %>

    <%= f.cl_image_upload(:attachment, allowed_formats:["jpg", "jpeg", "pdf", "png", "doc", "docx"], :resource_type => 'auto', :raw_convert => 'aspose') %>

    the first one to support non-raw files and second for raw files, but I would like to have just a single uploader that can detect if its a raw file and call aspose conversion when appropriate

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    Itay Taragano

    Thank you for reporting about this.
    Our team is taking a deeper look at this issue. We'll let you know of any updates.

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