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Long wait time (TTFB) for transformations



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    Maor Gariv



    Sorry for the late response.


    Please note that this delay in TTFB happens only on the **first** access of the image (when performing transformations on-the-fly). All subsequent calls will be much quicker (as the derived image is ready and it comes from the CDN).


    Hope it makes sense, please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions.




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    Roee Ben Ari

    Hi Aksel, can you please share some URL examples, where you see these slow downloading times? any specific page/s this is happening on? If you want to keep this information private, please feel free to open a support ticket

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    We have the sometime the same issue.

    I'm using the intersectionObserver to add the cld-responsive class when an img enters the viewport. With this method, the images are loaded at the right size at the right moment.

    At the worst case scenario, you download images one by one. This scenario seems to negate the avantages of HTTP/2.

    Does cloudinary have some insights ?



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