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  • michael connors

    Fantastic! cloudinary_url is what I was looking for. Thanks

  • Maor Gariv

    Hi Michael,

    You can upload using the following method - 


     This call returns an array with the `public_id` and the secure URL.

    You can then add transformations to the URL and Cloudinary will perform them on-the-fly.

    For more details, please refer to the PHP image upload guide.

  • michael connors

    Thank you for the response, I was able to easily upload, but its not clear how I convert the URL with transforms without using cl_image_tag. Do I just split apart the URL and reconstruct it with the parameters? Also a side question, if I add security for white labeled domains, can I used signed urls outside of white labeled domains? Thank you in advance.

  • Maor Gariv


    You can create dynamic transformations (on-the-fly) by simply altering the URL.

    For example, transforming the original uploaded image with the "sepia" effect -

    You can also construct the url programmatically using the cloudinary_url method - 

    cloudinary_url("sample.jpg", array("width" => 100, "height" => 150, "crop" => "fill"))

    For more information -


    Regarding the security question, please open a support ticket and share some more details about your use-case and we will try to find the most suitable solution for you.


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