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How can I add latest version number using cl_image_tag?



  • Nadav Ofir

    When uploading a resource, our upload API returns back data which among other properties, includes the resource's version number.
    You may save the version number (in a datastore) and use it as part of the cl_image_tag. This will make sure that you always use the latest resource version. More information can be found at

  • sasaki

    Thank you for your answer.

    Currently I have several issues. The biggest one is when I try to include the php files to my Wordpress, it says

    Cannot redeclare class Cloudinary in /home/users/0/ on line 2

    And then I did





    to avoid this error. I would like to know how can I fix this first. 

  • Nadav Ofir

    Hi, did you try to search your code for another occurrences of this line?


    If there is no such redundancy, then could you please try to follow the steps described on the next KB article and see if it helps?

    I look forward to hear of your progress.


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