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Automatic Facebook upload after Image Transformation



  • Ido

    Hi Marton

    It's possible to upload an image and apply an incoming transformation to it so the derived image would be considered as the original image.

    Was that what you were referring to?

    If you could elaborate on your use case, we would be able to offer additional help.

  • Márton V.

    Hi there,


    Thanks for your reply!


    We make 40 photos daily and we want to post them onto our Facebook page adding a branded layer and some description. Fully automated without human interaction after making the photos.

  • Ido



    Thanks for the details.


    What can be done is to use incoming transformations to overlay a watermark (so the original image would have the watermark as part of it). The response from the API call would return the actual url of the image.


    You could then take that url and upload it to FB use their FB


    I'm not entirely familiar with their API but I understand its possible to upload images using it. So assuming the API support images from a url you could write a script that transforms the images and then upload them as well.


    Makes sense?


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