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Getting 413 status code when uploading videos larger than 85mb.



  • Ido

    Hi Ben


    Thanks for reaching out.


    Would you be able to share an example of a video that is getting this error? Also if you could share the relevant cloud name it would also help us in understanding the root cause.

    Note that you could also open a request with us at with those details if privacy is a concern.

  • Ben Kauffman

    I'm a member of several accounts (Nike - 10,776 Annual Units Bucket Plan). 
    But the cloud accounts that i've tried are jbboerner & recommerce-dev.

    As for the video, i've just been pulling them off of pixbay for testing purposes:

  • Aditi Madan

    Hi Ben,

    If you could please create a support ticket here: with a reference to this forum link that will be great as for security reasons we do not recommend sharing account information on a public forum.

    I looked up the logs and couldn't find any request for the two video links you shared. Can you please share the timestamp and the video you tried uploading which failed. Also, I uploaded one of these videos to the `jbboerner` account without any issues.




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