Chunk Uploading on REST API failed with the error message "X-Cld-Error: Chunk size doesn't match upload size: 10240000 - 36592771"



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    Stephen Doyle

    Hello Nishimori,

    I can see that you also opened a support request about the same issue - I'll reply to that support request shortly

    Best Regards,


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    Joel Levi Hernández Fernández

    Hey Stephen,

    Would be better to reply here so that other people who also have this issue can find a solution right away. 

    What was the solution?

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    Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Joel,

    The issue was that the chunked upload request being made was not quite right in terms of the values passed as part of the Content-Range header. In this case, the entire file was being sent but the Content-Range header says that a 10MB chunk was to be expected.

    Please see the following example JSFiddle that has a working chunked-upload solution in pure JavaScript:

    If you're running into any issues please share more details such as your code and the exact error message from the API and we can assist.

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