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uploading large file video


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    Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Willy,

    The most likely reason for this could be if the videos are above 100MB and you get a 413 error returned.

    When uploading files, the maximum size of the request body can be 100MB. Any request that is larger than this would receive a 413 error. To upload files larger than 100MB, these need to be sent in chunks.

    Since you are using one of our SDKs, please update your code to use the upload_large method for your uploads instead of the regular upload method. The upload_large method should be used for all files >100MB as it splits the file and uploads it in parts automatically for you. That said, you can also use this uplaod_large method for all files, even if they are small in filesize and those would work as well.

    It takes the exact same parameters as the upload method and also optionally accepts a chunk_size (default 20MB).

    Please try this out and let me know how it goes.

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