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Frequent error 420 "Timeout waiting for parallel processing" when uploading a video to Cloudinary



  • Aditi Madan

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Can you please open a support ticket here- and share the original video and the code you are using to upload and we can take a deeper look.


  • Luke Bryant

    I've had this issue with the npm library. The fix for me was to switch from `upload` to

    `upload_large(localPath, {timeout: 120000, eager_async: true})`

    I also had to solve the problem that awaiting upload_large doesn't resolve to the final result of the file upload, but instead to a `Chunkable`, which is a cloudinary stream thing which I don't know how to use. 

    In order to get the response of the file upload like I had been getting from awaiting `upload`, I had to use the callback argument of `upload_large`, which gets called with the result after the whole file is uploaded/errored. I did this to promisify this callback:


    const cloudinaryUploadLarge = promisify((cb) => cloudinary.v2.uploader.upload_large(


    My use-case is for a one-off migration where run-time wasn't very important, so I could then just await these uploads.

  • Eric Pasos

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for sharing your implementation and I am glad you are able to resolve your issue.

    Alternatively, it is also possible to use the "async=true" parameter to perform the upload request in the background (asynchronously) together with the use of a webhook (i.e., using the notification_url parameter) in order to receive the upload response (a webhook) when the upload or any requested asynchronous action is completed.


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