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How to deal with image versions



  • Ido


    When invalidating its important to check the convention of the URLs that are in use.

    If you experience delays in invalidation it could be because you use a different convention then our default one, or that the account is configured differently than the convention that is in use.

    You could read more about that in the link below:

    If you could open a request at we could take a closer look at your specific use case and would be able to further help.


  • michaloslav

    Hey, thanks for the response.

    I was using the second option but I just changed it to the default one and it's still the same. Also, the problem was there even with photos that weren't in a folder so it shouldn't matter anyway.

    Also, there might a bit of a misunderstanding here, the client replaces the photos in the console on your website, not through an API command. So if you were assuming that I had something like invalidate=true as a parameter of the API funciton, well, there is no API function in the equation for me. 

    Is there a way to invalidate the old image in the console?

  • Ido



    When using our UI the invalidation happens automatically when deleting or replacing an image.

    If you are using our default convention, then you should experience this as well. 

    We would be happy to further look at any specific cases you could share in the request you opened with us.




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