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EPS transformation not supported



  • Ido


    Due to a potential security vulnerability our researchers spotted, EPS transformation is currently not supported.


    We are working on a more permanent solution so we could allow EPs transformation again.

    In the meantime, you could convert the resources externally to pdf's and use that instead. That would also make sure that the resource is identified correctly.

  • Don Parker

    Is there an ETA for this fix? 

    We rely heavily on this feature within our site and we'll need to plan an alternative strategy depending on the amount of downtime here.

    PDF/AI/SVG isn't an option for us currently.

  • Ido

    Hi Don.


    We currently don't have an ETA, but we are actively working on this.


    I would be happy to update this post when we have a permanent solution.

  • Ido

    Hi Don,


    Just wanted to let you know that the EPS upload and conversion is working as they previously did.


    Let us know you see this on your end?



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