video slow load in my website


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    Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi @Armezo,

    One reason why that may be is if you are trying to perform on-the-fly transformations on the video and Cloudinary is generating and streaming the video at the same time. This would occur only for the first access of the video and subsequent requests should playback as normal. If this is the cause of the issue then you can avoid it by pre-generating the derived versions eagerly.

    To better understand if that is the issue, may I please ask you to share more information about the problem you're seeing? For example, what is the URL to the video you are trying to play, how have you implemented the playback in your app - are you using a regular HTML <video/> tag or are you using a video player? Does it happen for a specific video or for all? Do you have a link to a page where we can access and reproduce the issue?

    If you prefer to share these details with us directly, then you can submit a ticket to us via -

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