Any direct URL is provided for accessing 360 spins so we don't need to host a page for viewer?


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    Eric Pasos

    Hi Dick,

    Unfortunately, it is not available as a URL because the 360 spin feature of the Product Gallery widget is using a collection of images having a particular tag, which are then combined together to form a single entity. Each of the images is included as a single frame of the resulting 360 spin set, which is sorted alphanumerically based on their Public ID. This means that there is no single URL being associated with the final spinning entity, and this spinning asset is not available Media Library account either. Hence, you will still need to integrate the Product Gallery in one of your pages that you could share with your users.

    But depending on your use case, if generating a rotating gif file and upload it to your account can help answer your needs, this could be one of the alternatives you can implement. Although, this approach will not give you the ability to control the image spinning in different directions.

    For reference and more information on Product Gallery, you may visit the following link:

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,





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