Unable to use Lazy load + Dynamic image manipulation cloudinary


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    Raz Ziv

    Hey Neha,

    The responsive script will apply the relevant width value and replace `w_auto` in the URL based on the container size. 
    Since your code does not limit the <img> container, it applies the max width size of the screen.

    For testing purposes, you can wrap your <img> element with <div style="width:50%;"></div> and you will see that the image URL adjusts the width transformation accordingly:

    <div style="width:50%;">
    <img class="cld-responsive lzy_img" data-src="https://res.cloudinary.com/syg/image/upload/w_auto,c_scale/v346346/sample.jpg"/>

    In addition, you can take a look at the following broader implementation of LQIP+Lazy Loading+Responsive with Cloudinary for reference and ideas on how to implement these features within your site's pages.

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