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Destroy files returns always "not found"



  • Roee Ben Ari


    Looking at your logs and your account, I see that all your resources are located inside a folder. However, your destroy requests lack this folder (it should be represented either in the public_id or by using the `folder` parameter). 
    Additionally, your public_ids contain white spaces which are not recommended. In these cases, Cloudinary replaces the black space with an underscore. 

    If you'd like more specific help, please open a support ticket so we would be able to share the names of the folder, public_ids, etc. 

  • colltex.cloudinary

    Integrating the folder in public_id helps. Thanks very much. Suggestion: Offer parameter Folder at GetResource, Destroy, ... at

  • Stephen Doyle


    Thanks for the update and feedback.

    In general, the public_id always include the folders; that's how it's returned by our API and how it should be stored in your database or other storage layer.

    The upload() API method is an exception; in that API the folder parameter allows you to choose a folder in which the uploaded file should be placed. Using that parameter means that instead of specifying the full public_id directly, you can choose to name the file based on the file's original filename, or by choosing a random alphanumeric value, but have it placed in a specific folder afterward (with the folder becoming part of the final public_id)




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