What's the benefit for creating the product gallery widget with cloudinary CLI?



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    Akshay Joshi

    Hi Nick,

    It depends on your preference. The Widget CDN script and the CLI would give you the same results.

    The Cloudinary CLI (Command Line Interface) enables you to interact with Cloudinary through the command line. For example, you can perform Admin and Upload API operations by typing commands into a terminal without having to spend time setting up a formal coding environment. Additional helper commands are provided to help you to try out transformations, optimizations, and other common actions with minimal effort. You can also combine CLI commands in a batch file to automate laborious tasks.

    But in the end, it is a preference thing. If you are more familiar with NuxtJS you can stick to it without changing everything.


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    Nick Medrano

    Thank you, that answers my question.

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