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    Michal Kuperman


    The error you were receiving is: `Timeout waiting for parallel processing `. When you try to play a derived version of the video (I see you included other transformations via the video player as well) and the derived version doesn't exist yet, we will transform it for you 'on the fly' which can take some time. When trying to access this derived video while the request to generate it hasn't been completed or you make multiple requests to update the same video while a previous operation hasn't been completed, you will receive this error.

    It is recommended to generate the derived versions for videos ahead of time by using `eager transformations` as explained here: You can also generate these derived versions for videos that are already uploaded to your account by using the explicit method: When using eager transformations you should make use of the notification_url to receive a notification when the derived version is ready. More info here:

    Please note, that this video is unlocked and is working correctly now.

    Let us know if you have any further questions,


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