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List all images from a folder in android


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  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Sanjeev,

    The methods that list resources in your account are part of our Admin API, which is authenticated using your account's API keys and secrets. Because there's no safe way to include the keys in user-accessible code, those methods are not suitable for use in client-side code, so our iOS and Android SDKs don't have wrapper methods for those API calls.

    To make calls to the Admin API, the results of which should be available to your mobile app, you should make the calls from your server-side code and expose the results to the client app via your own application, using your own authentication between the client and your server.

    Another option for retrieving lists of assets from Cloudinary directly in your client-side code is the client-side asset list feature, where you can fetch a list of assets that share a tag, with the response provided in JSON format:




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