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Invalid transformation parameter


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  • Eric Pasos

    Hi Casper,

    Referring to the `x-request-id` from above, I managed to locate the logs for your transformation and I can see that you have submitted a transformation `.../t_fill_grayscalecircle_nobg/no_bg/...` where the `no_bg` is an invalid transformation parameter. Although the folder `no_bg` exists in your account, the use of the underscore `_` for a folder name should be preceded by at least 4 characters. To be on the safe side, you should make sure you stick to at least one of the following principles as recommendations: 

    • Avoid using underscores "_" within names you give to your folders. You can use dash "-" as a delimiter instead.
    • Use at least 4 characters prior to the first underscore occurrence, e.g. abcd_1234.
    • Use versions to isolate the public ID from the transformation section.

    When visiting the URL, it is possible that you may have seen the original version of the asset (i.e., without the transformation), and the derived versions of the image can be viewed as shown in this link:

    Hope this helps.


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