How to remove background of image using cloudinary_ai


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    Anthony Datu

    Hi Jan, 

    Thank you for reaching out! Using the Cloudinary CLI, I'm able to achieve the background removal with the following command:

    cld admin update flower_base background_removal=cloudinary_ai 

    Here's the result:

    The command above is documented on our Admin API page and gives it an optional parameter background_removal. In addition, there are also other language examples (python, ruby, etc..) in which are equivalent to the command above.  For your use case, the command will be the following: 

    cld admin update Attachment_1639428590_69396a2e background_removal=cloudinary_ai

    You may also want to consider setting up a notification webhook for your Media Library under Settings > Upload so that when the background removal process is done, you will get notified. There are lots of free webhook sites available for use.


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