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Google Analytics script is missing



  • Adi Mizrahi

    Hi Iheanacho Amarachi Sharon
    We don’t have an example for Nuxt specifically, but the most likely reasons for a failure are either including the video player before the analytics code or using the player without including the Google Analytics code.
    Did you trying following the code example in the following link:
    It shows an example of how to use Google Analytics with the Video Player
    Let me know if you need any further assistance

  • Iheanacho Amarachi Sharon

    Hey Adi,

    I added the script tag in the head section of my code before adding the player, also when i tried to used the google analytics package i still get the error, the error only goes when i remove the 

     analytics: {

              events: [




    feature but i need that feature to track events like play, pause, stop
  • Raz Ziv

    Hey Iheanacho Amarachi Sharon,

    Can you please open a direct ticket via and give us access to the page you test this on so that we can take a deeper look into the page code?


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