Can't upload docx or pptx files on wloudinary using nodejs ?


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    Eric Pasos

    Hi Yuvraj,

    While much of Cloudinary's functionality is focused on images and videos, we also support uploading, managing, and delivering almost any other file type, which is considered as a 'resource_type=raw'. Uploading such files directly through the Media Library Console, as the resource_type parameter is set to auto, there are cases where certain raw files may not be detected properly (e.g. documents with passwords, pdf with images, etc). Also, when using SDK, the defaults are image for server-side uploading and auto for client-side uploading (see documentation here).

    For example:

    Changing this parameter could be achieved through our SDK integrations (i.e. for developers), and you can learn more about how to work with raw files in our Upload API documentation. For example (i.e. using Node.js):

      { resource_type: "raw" }, 
      function(error, result) {console.log(result, error); });

    Hope this helps.

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