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Can not see image when apply c_fill



  • Stephen Doyle


    All of the examples URLs above are working from me when I check them.
    The most likely explanation if you're seeing a 404 or other 4xx error is that you're seeing a cache of an error that occurred because the URL was accessed before the file was uploaded. This could be your browser cache, a third-party cache, or a cache from our CDN providers.

    If the cache is from our CDN providers, the URLs will start to work for you after that error cache expires.

    There's a guide here with more information:

    You can avoid this case in the future by uploading files before accessing the delivery URL, and by replacing existing images by overwriting them, rather than deleting the old file and then uploading the new file (to avoid users requesting the image in the time between deletion and replacement) 


  • freshketimage001

    Thank you Stephen.


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