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Folder and subfolder uploads



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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi Salou,

    Yes, you can set the folder path on the uploads by creating a value for the "folder" parameter , where your code chooses that value based on the current date or some other requirement that you have

    If you encounter any difficulties with that please let us know


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    Thank you for your reply. 

    I had already created a value for creating a folder by date. But I can't figure out how to create the subfolder after this created value. 

     folder: formatDate(new Date()), 

    This works and create a folder with the date of the day. 

    But if I try to create a subfolder, it doesn't work. What's wrong with my code ?

     folder: formatDate(new Date()),/nameofsubfolder


    Thank you for your help ! 

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    Loic Verger Del Bove

    Hi Salou,

    It seems you are passing an integer as part of the `folder` and the concatenation seems to not work as well.

    Could you please try something like this?

    folder: "" + formatDate(new Date()) + "/nameofsubfolder"



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