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Cloudinary images are blocked.



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    Sreenath Kalahasti

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for contacting Cloudinary. 

    Do you have a particular example in mind. I just installed Opera browser and enabled (Block Ads) and I am able to see the images accordingly. 

    Can you please send us the URL which isn't working for you?



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    Nick Dimou

    Hello Screenath. I appreciate your reply.

    These websites are broken with Opera GX browser (native ad blocker enabled, Mac), and AdGuard (all filters enabled, Android):,,,

    I use only cloudinary. By the way. I tried it on Windows (Opera GX browser) and it worked fine; no blocking.

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    Stephen Doyle

    Ni Nick,

    It looks like both of those tools have options to report URLs being blocked incorrectly, but for AdGuard I'm not able to submit a report because I can't identify a specific platform or version - if you're using that service may I ask if you can submit a report for them to unblock the URLs for you?

    For Opera, I believe they use netcraft, but their site doesn't indicate that is blocked, so I'm not sure where else you could report that:



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